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Thread: Merging multiple live feeds

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    Default Merging multiple live feeds

    I would like to create a talk host app, have multiple live feeds all merged together, having multiple people having a conversation, so their stream will go to the server and then have the server merge the feeds into one. Is that possible, what addon, technology would i have to add on top of wowza to have that merging capability.

    The closes service that accomplishes this is:

    Is this possible with wowza?

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    Xuggler can do that (but you'll need to handle building out the code on your own)

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    Thanks for the quick reply,

    just one more thing, are there any tutorials/articles of combining wowza and xuggle together,

    Your help is much appreciated

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    Also, VLC can do this:

    You could publish two streams to Wowza. Then use VLC Mosaic to publish 1 stream to Wowza. The clients then connect to that stream.

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