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Thread: Many DVR record requests long wowza respond

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    Default Many DVR record requests long wowza respond


    We writing 25 channels by our wowza. We use Recording API for this and send requests by cron jobs by curl with urls like this:

    We send 25 requests at once with sleep 0.2 sec between them.

    If we restart wowza once per day than this schema works fine and all channels goes to write. But If I restart wowza more than 1 time in a day than wowza takes more than 30 min or 1 hour to responds for my request to start record. So I mean I restart wowza than send 25 writing requests and wowza doesn't responds and doesn't start writing. It start doing it but after many time.

    What can we do with it? We using wowza 3.1.0 This problem exists very long. But this problem exists only if I restart wowza more than I time per day.


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    I have never heard of similar issue. Are you sure there isn't something else going on on that machine or the network, something not involving Wowza?


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