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Thread: Addressing video stuttering on virtual looped channels

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    Default Addressing video stuttering on virtual looped channels

    Our company recently began using Wowza to stream out collections of video files as looped "virtual channels". We schedule the files as a playlist in a .smil file and then broadcast them via UDP multicast to the local network. These are then played by Amino STBs. The videos are all H.264/AAC.

    The files play and loop correctly, but we get occasional video stutters, where the video will lock up for a few seconds while the audio continues smoothly. We are currently testing with 5 standard-definition channels.

    The load seems very low on the server, so I'm looking for ideas on troubleshooting the performance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello Aaron,

    Let me offer some troubleshooting suggestions off the top of my head:

    See if you can narrow down some possibilities. A first test would be to turn off the other streams, and stream just sample.mp4 on repeat. Playback on the server computer if possible.

    Does the stutter happen to all clients watching the stream at the same time?

    Start Wowza from the command line ( so you can see the output in real time. Check for anything "different" in the console output when the problem occurs.

    Does the stutter coincide with a certain time of day, playback position in the video, or any other cpu, disk, network load?

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