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Thread: Live streaming from pre-recorded videos files

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    Default Live streaming from pre-recorded videos files

    I am porting our application from red5 to Wowza and I am stuck with what we used to call the "as live" service.

    1) I need to be able to have Wowza stream a pre-recorded file via a live streaming. This should happen at a certain point in time or after an event. The application knows how to handle this.

    2) Before and after the file has been streamed I need to be able to send an actually live stream over the same connection, without having the clients re-open the connection.

    I have been exploring alternatives, none of which works the way we need:
    - the option to send it as a vod streaming, automatically seek at a certain time
    (depending on when the client connects) is not viable: can't do the actually live stream 2)
    - the option to do it at player level is not viable, we have no control over the players,
    the service must be done as it was with red5.

    Any suggestion would be very appreciated! Thank you.



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    Hello Jose,

    There are several ways. See here for a scheduled example:

    Here is a dynamic example:

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    Enlightening! Thank you so much.

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