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Thread: setup works on local machine but not on EC2. pls help

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    Default setup works on local machine but not on EC2. pls help


    My problem is the following setup works on my local machines but not on EC2.

    I have a vlc encoded stream (H264+AAC) running on one machine. I have wowza running on another machine.

    Between these two machines is a bypass machine. The vlc encoded stream is sent to the second machine on two separate UDP ports. The bypass machine runs a simple udp bypass program that reads the video and audio data sent by vlc and forwards it to wowza over another set of audio and video ports.

    I modify the video and audio port given in the sdp file to reflect the new ports where the bypass machine sends the data to.

    Now when a RTMP/RTSP client connects to wowza, the client (flash player / vlc player) plays video/audio very well.

    However when the same setup is on EC2, and the client connects to a wowza instance on ec2, the client keeps showing rebuffering for a long time before showing video. At times, video frames get stuck intermittently and sometimes audio comes crackled. We had verified that the bypass program works properly by dumping the data before bypass machine and after receiving from the bypass machine. The data is exactly same on either ends.

    What could we be doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Are all udp ports open in the Security Group you are using?

    It could be the uplink bandwidth is limited. Here's a way to check that:


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