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Thread: Start wowza at single IP address

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    Default Start wowza at single IP address

    We have multiple IP address on a single server. By default wowza starts on all IP address. We want it to start on a single IP address.

    How we can configure it.


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    Hi Mamoor,

    This is set in /conf/VHost.xml in the <IpAddress>*</IpAddress> property.

    Replace * with the IP you want Wowza to listen for requests on.

    You will probably want to do this for each port you have enabled in VHost.xml. By default this is ports 1935, and 8086.

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    I found the answer in vhost.xml but the problem is even i specify the ip address <IpAddress></IpAddress> and define port 80. That particular port 80 is not freed on other IP addresses.

    Why this is behaving like this.

    Am i missing something.


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    It should work.

    Are you behind a router, or are the multiple IPs public (Internet addressable)?

    If you're behind a router you'll have to pick a different port and forward it to the internal IP.
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    I am not behind any firewall or NAT. Its on open internet.

    I have 4 IP addresses on 1 LAN card and all are pingable over the internet, but i am not able to use port 80 on unused IP addresses.

    I guess this is a bug.

    Please help resolve the issue.

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    Is something else already bound to port 80?

    To check, run:

    netstat -nlp

    If not, install netcat: "apt-get install netcat", and start Wowza. Then report back with the output of the following commands:

    netcat -l -p 80 -s [your other IP address]
    netstat -nlp
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    There is no other services are running that used port 80 beside wowza

    When i change <Port>1935,80,554</Port> to <Port>1935,554</Port> and restart the server then i am able use port 80 other unused IP addresses.

    By the way, we are runnign wowza on windows server.

    Please help resolve the issue !


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    There is probably a simple explanation. If you can run these tests, I think we will see the problem.

    For Windows,
    1. You can download netcat for windows. Unzip it to c:\netcat
    2. Do Start->Programs->Accessories. Then rt-click on Command Prompt, and choose "Run as Administrator".
    3. In the Command window type:
    cd c:\netcat
    netcat -l -p 80 -s [your other IP address]
    netstat -ab
    ipconfig /all
    route -4 print

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    I figured it out. The problem was with the IIS.

    When i used Apachi on other IP addresses using port 80 it works fine.

    LongLive Apachi/PHP


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    IIS binds to all IP adddress. There is a utility named httpcfg.exe. Search for "iis7 httpcfg port binding"


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