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Thread: Server and Connection Requirements

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    Default Server and Connection Requirements

    Does anyone know what server and connection i need to build a live stream solution for 10-100 streams and 100 - 100 000 viewers.
    Does wowza support multicast/broadcast? What infrastructure i need, what connection 1gb - 5gb - ??
    How many streams/viewers wowza instance can hold.

    Please help me out.

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    We recommend a late model quad or dual-quad cpu, 4 - 8g ram, 64bit OS/Java and 1 - 4gbs nic

    With a robust machine, network access is usually the limiting factor. 1gbs nic minus 20% overhead will handle about 800mbs, which is 1600 500kbs streams.

    To scale live delivery beyond one server, use Liverepeater:


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