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Thread: Live Stream Security

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    Default Live Stream Security

    I am trying to secure my live stream so that only approved users can view it.
    I am trying to set up a pay structure for all device streaming that allows the client to pay and than be allowed onto the stream.
    Also has to not let anyone copy the code and/or re-stream for copyright purposes.
    Is there a "best case" solution for this

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    The "all device" requirement makes some of your goals unreachable at present. For devices that can only be reached by RTSP, there are few security (see this example) and no encryption options. Sanjose (HDS/Flash HTTP) streams are an option on some devices, but security options are also limited.

    If you focus on Flash RTMP clients for the desktop, and iOS clients for mobile, there is pretty good security.

    There are several options and extensions of options for Flash RTMP, starting with:

    Extend ModuleRTMPAuthenticate (above) for DB lookup

    DB auth

    File based auth

    For iOS you can use AES

    And basic check

    Taking payment is probably best done completely outside Wowza, but you might attach info from that process in the NetConnection.connect and/or and http .m3u8 url, then check server-side.

    We recommended you minimize JDBC and HTTP calls in your Wowza application.


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    Hi Richard,

    Thanks again for the fast reply. You guys do a great job.

    It seems as though i had reached some of the same conclusions. I will be using a few of the authentication modules as well
    as other forms of external security to build what i need. The information was very useful though.


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