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Thread: Can I switch audio track during VOD streaming?

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    Exclamation Can I switch audio track during VOD streaming?


    My video file contains multiple audio tracks for different languages. Does Wowza support switching the audio tracks during VOD streaming?

    Also, which client player supports this feature?

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    You can select when you start playback

    You might be able to switch during playback in RTMP client with netstream.play2(). Since it is same video the key frames will be aligned, it should work, but I don't have detailed guidance or example.

    Any RTMP player will work. I added a version that supports RTSP and HTTP clients at bottom, but it is not added to the Collection yet


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    >>Any RTMP player will work. I added a version that supports RTSP and HTTP clients at bottom, but it is not added to the Collection yet

    Thank you for your reply.

    What do you mean "supports RTSP and HTTP clients..."? Sorry that I do not understand.

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    In the last comment I added a version of this module that should work for RTSP and HTTP (cupertino-, sanjose- and smooth-streaming).

    It's not in the collection tho, you have to build it at present if you need it.

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    Richard, thank you for your help.

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    Hi, Richard,

    How about switching audio track during playback of a vod streaming in the iOS client players?


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    Any update? Thanks.

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    Hi lincoln,

    The answer to your question is yes, as Richard said. It seems you would benefit from reading the quickstart guide:

    There you will see there are 3 types of HTTP streaming supported.

    It's a very good idea to read through that guide and the entire User Guide when you're just starting out. It will save you a lot of time. Also, please try not to post the same question in different threads. It will only delay your answer as there's more for us to read. Thanks.

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    Thanks, Randall.

    Let me clarify that my last question is: can I switch audio track in iOS clients during streaming?

    What Richard told me is that we can switch the audio track before the streaming starts, but he did not mention whether we can switch audio track when the files are being streamed.

    I want to tell you that I have read through the user guide and articles, however, I could not find any information about "switching audio track during streaming".

    By the way, I am sorry to tell you that your answer is not constructive and really does not help. Please read through other people questions carefully before you write your answer.

    Thank you.

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    Sorry, I didn't understand the question.

    Flash has features like bi-directional communication which allow you to control things on a per client basis. But, the Cupertino implementation does not. If you wanted to switch all the users watching a stream from one language to the next while the video is playing, you might be able to work something using the stream class examples and a custom module.

    One example of dynamically changing the stream here:

    It is something you will have to experiment with.

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