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Thread: .stream file Scripting?

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    Default .stream file Scripting?

    The rtsp stream that I am trying to pull has a unique url generated each time the stream is accessed. Is there a way to do some sort of scripting before the file or url is read?

    So when the file is called a script goes out, fetches the url then feeds it into the .stream file?


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    Hello mac,

    Yes. You can write a custom module and start the stream using the StreamClass methods. If you're new you'll want to download the IDE, read the IDE user guide, and start with compiling a simple module, such as the HotlinkDenial Module.

    Would it be easier to generate a non-unique URL on your other server and use password or IP based authentication?

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    Take a look at the StreamNameAlias API:


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    .... which you would use instead of .stream files. Note that an alias name cannot have .stream extension, i.e., you can't alias an alias


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