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    I need to make some custom changes to the LiveStreamRecord module. I'm experienced with java and eclipse, but not yet with Wowza IDE specifically. I've read the IDE doc, and see I need a licensed Wowza installation on my development host to run the IDE to edit and compile modules. I've applied for a developer license (no response from Wowza yet) but believe it would be beneficial for me to use an Amazon EC2 linux instance to do my work. I'm very familiar with running Wowza on EC2 and have been using it for a few months for live streaming.

    Is it possible to successfully use the Wowza IDE on a Linux EC2 instance that has the devpay license?

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    Yes, it's possible. Here's one forum post mentioning it:

    I also recall another user contribution mentioning success with Java remote debugging, recently.

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