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    is there a way to save a video streamed from a Wowza server that's not in my control?

    Browsers cache Youtube videos and you can get the video file from the cache of your browser after watching. Is it also the case for Wowza?


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    Possibly a full VOD stream is saved somewhere, if you've played the full stream. I'm not sure.

    Youtube videos use progressive download which copies the file to your hard drive, limited by available bandwidth. Live streaming (or simulated live) was not designed to do this, and what is saved will probably not be a properly formatted media file.

    You can save a Wowza stream to a file using a program designed to convert streams, such as FFmpeg, VLC, or even another Wowza server with a *record streamtype.
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    Actually, by design and definition a stream is not cached. The stream is displayed by the player but data is not saved. You can capture a stream and save it to disk with spoofers, ffmpeg, vlc, etc., so the purpose of most streaming security is to prevent that from happening. For example, for Flash security you can use this:


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    I managed to dump a stream using rtmpdump.

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