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Thread: 30 Day Trial Say I Already Have One

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    Default 30 Day Trial Say I Already Have One

    Has anyone else run into this problem? Tried to sign up for the 30 day trial and it said I already got it so I'm not eligible. I've never used Wowza before. Never heard of it before a few days ago and I haven't signed up for anything til today. Checked my Outlook and I had no emails from them either. Very weird.

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    Maybe there was an issue while signing up. A page refresh, perhaps. Please send license/sales inquiries to

    Also, be sure to check your Spam folders for any missed emails.

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    can anybody plz tell me did i use wowza media server after 30 day trial pack is over....because i need to test it more for 30 any way to use this trial pack ......can i re install
    it and get new key from wowza media server this possible to re install on same computer.......plz reply

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