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Thread: Record the source, not the transrated streams

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    Default Record the source, not the transrated streams


    I've noticed that my transrated streams are being recorded along with the source stream under my app using liverepeater-origin-record. Is there a way to disable this and only record the source (or a specific transcoded stream) while still providing all the transrated streams to the edge?

    i.e. When I stream on live1.sdp, I get recording files for:

    But I only want live1.sdp.mp4 or live1.sdp_480p.mp4 (depending on requirements).

    - David

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    I'm also noticing that when I restart Wowza, then start a live stream, it transrates and records everything.
    If I stop the stream, and restart it, it rotates the files and records everything again.
    If I stop and start one more time, it doesn't transrate at all and only records the original source.

    The logs show that I've exceeded the licenses:
    WARN server comment 2012-04-23 11:10:16 - - - - - 168.834 - - - - - - - - Licensing[live-origin-record/_definst_/live1.sdp]: *** Hit license limit for live stream transcoders. Live stream transcoder is stopped. ***
    WARN server comment 2012-04-23 11:10:21 - - - - - 173.872 - - - - - - - -[live-origin-record/_definst_/live1.sdp]: Name group could not be resolved: live1.sdp_external reson:[bitrateMissing:true videoCodecIdMissing:true audioCodecIdMissing:true sizeMissing:true]
    WARN server comment 2012-04-23 11:10:21 - - - - - 173.888 - - - - - - - -[live-origin-record/_definst_/live1.sdp]: Name group could not be resolved: live1.sdp_internal reson:[bitrateMissing:true videoCodecIdMissing:true audioCodecIdMissing:true sizeMissing:true]

    I'm guessing I have to either wait for something to time out before I can start transrating again....
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    Change the StreamType to "liverepeater-origin", then use LiveStreamRecord addon or API to record just the source stream


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