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Thread: Wowza System Design : Origin - Edge with Transcoder

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    Default Wowza System Design : Origin - Edge with Transcoder


    1. We have 1 origin and 2 edge server
    2. Edge is running Wowza dynamic Load Balancer and we wrote a gateway script for all formats ( rtsp,hds,hls,mss )
    3. We are planning our client stream high quality say 1.5 MB H264 + MP3 to our origin server

    - We want to transrate the incoming stream to 5 bitrates ( 1500, 1000 , 750 , 500 , 250 )
    - We planned the origin will Transrate the incoming stream into 5 rates and tarnscode to RTMP with H264 + AAC audio

    4. EDGE will repeate each stream published / transcoded / transrated by ORIGIN

    Is the design above correct for our requirements ?

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    Android devices can only play AAC audio, so if you had plans for the lower bitrate stream being for all phones it would be best to transcode that stream as well (H.264/AAC).

    The above looks fine each stream both source and transcoded/transrated will be sent to the edge servers, clients connect to the origin which directs the connection to the edge servers.


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