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Thread: KVM Switch + QuickSync ?

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    Default KVM Switch + QuickSync ?

    Does anyone have any experience of running the transcoder with QuickSync enabled on a server attached to a KVM Switch? The reason I ask is because as I understand it there has to be a display connected to the embedded graphics controller in order to run QuickSync. Does this just mean that this display adapter has to be enabled? Or does it literally mean there has to be a display connected? Would this mean that the KVM switch would have to be of a type that would emulate the presence of a display even when a different computer is currently selected by the switch?

    It seems unlikely that this would be an issue, but I'd rather know for sure before I build a configuration that doesn't work.

    If it is an issue, can it be worked around by using a Z68 motherboard with LucidlLogix Virtu?

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    All you need is a desktop running with a logged in user, so it should work with a KVM switch.


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