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Thread: ABR: NGRP vs SMIL

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    Default ABR: NGRP vs SMIL

    We have successfully setup NGRP for IOS and Flash HTTP and it works great but we want to have a dedicated server for transcoding and repeat the transcoded streams into edges.

    Now on EDGE will have to use SMIL for adaptive bitrate

    1) While using NGRP, wowza server will determine which stream is the best for client , means it is a server side detection. How about SMIL ?

    Thank you

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    You need to create .smil files for your edge servers because the client isn't connecting directly to the transcoder thus NGRP won't work.


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    Take a look at this article

    What this will do is create the smil that you willl se on the edge with all the same info that the ngrp MediaList has. You will have to take the resultant file and copy it to each edge server, so it is not automated on the edge, but it has all the detailed codec info that you want.


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