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Thread: My videos are muted in sound after I applied the EZDRM module

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    Exclamation My videos are muted in sound after I applied the EZDRM module


    I have signed up with EZDRM and I enabled the EZDRM module in Wowza.

    With DRM enabled, my videos are now muted in sound and it is really strange.

    The audio track is in MP3 encoded.

    Does anyone have similar experience before?

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    I have not heard that report before. Does it also occur with our sample file [install-dir]/content/sample.mp4 and using our sample player [install-dir]/examples/LiveVideoStreaming/clientSilverlight ?


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    Hi, Lisa,

    I talked with EZDRM before and I have solved the problem already.

    When applying EZDRM, the audio must be in AAC encoding.

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