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Thread: stream can only broadcast from approved player code

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    Question stream can only broadcast from approved player code

    Hello All,

    I have a live stream running a axis camera out to the internet and I have jw player playing the live stream, but I have limits in the jw player to keep the live stream running no more than 15 minutes at a time (they can restart at that time). currently I dont have any limits on the stream (server side) that would keep someone from running the stream from there website using there jw player connecting to my stream URL and file.

    1. how can I lock the stream down so only my code on my web server is approved to run the stream from wowza server?


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    Take a look at this example, it may be what you are looking for:


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    Take a look at the Wowza MediaSecurity addon. Use SecureToken

    Here's how to add to JW player:

    And this is how to prevent others from hotlinking your secured player:

    The 15 minute limit you might set in your Flash client, otherwise you would need a module with a timer. You could adapt this example:

    To adapt to your purpose, you would have to initiate the timer in IMediaStreamActionNotify3.onPlay instead of .onPublish (as in the example) so that you are watching play streams instead of published streams.


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