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Thread: Streams takes long to connect

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    Default Streams takes long to connect

    My servers are Dual Xeon (8 cores) with 24GB RAM on 10Gbps port. At peak, it can handle around 6000 connections which stream at 2.5Gbps.

    The problem is it is very hard for users to connect at peak time. It takes like 20-60 seconds just for a client to connect to a stream. I have tuned up the servers as said. Server runs on CentOS 64 bit 6.2. The load average at peak is 2.5.

    How do I tune up to make the client connect faster at peak time? I am using JW player


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    I think you need to add capacity at this point: another server. Is it live or vod?

    If live:

    If vod:

    Use Load Balancer in both cases:


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