Hi all,

Like many powerusers of Wowza I constantly monitor the forums, checking in a few times per day.

It's very apparent that we have new users coming here with the same basic questions again and again. Me and hopefully most other avid users usually try to help when we can and Wowza staff are very good at answering as well.

The documentation today is bit here and there and I believe it would be a strong move to try and integrate all this information into one powerful manual. I would recommend crowd-sourcing it's writing. A Wiki for instance with a limited number of users being able to add and edit, with others able to make alterations for approval.

We need to get good documentation on all the config files. I often find myself looking through the forums to look for some property or information on what the property actually does. Would it be possible for Wowza staff to export config files with all the properties and variables that can be read from them? Then we could add explanations to all of them - that should also be in the default configs as comments.

It might also be time to include various add-on's like MediaSecurity to the installation package and default config files. Most commonly I see questions about hotlinking and security popping up.

Just a few cents worth.