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Thread: How to access examples from a remote browser

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    Question How to access examples from a remote browser


    We installed a wowza server on linux server. We able to access it using URL

    We try to access example client using URL It does not shows simple video streaming page.

    How can we access from remote browser?

    Vijaya Kumar Reddy Chinnam

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    You have to install Wowza on a server that is accessible and that has port 1935 allowed through any firewall and mapped to that server in your network.


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    It seems you do not understand my query. I installed Wowza on server and tested using URL . It is working.

    I want to access simplevideostreaming.html from examples. Can i use http request URL to open that html in a browser?

    Vijaya Kumar Reddy
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    You have to copy the examples to your web server. (or anywhere you can open .html files, such as your local computer)

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    Thanks Randall

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