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Thread: playing a .m3u8 file

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    Default playing a .m3u8 file

    Can I get Wowza to play an "actual" .m3u8 file via Cupertino streaming, as opposed to the "pseudo" playlist.m3u8 urls that are set up for each asset? If the file below is in my content folder, what url would play this file?

    thank you

    Contents of TestVideo.m3u8:


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    I do not think this will work the way you are intending. .m3u8 is for live HTTP streaming. You can use .smil for multibitrate. For sequential playlists you can use client side flash, or several different methods server side to generate scheduled live streams from VOD files.

    Here's one way: Stream class example with playlists and schedules set in smil file

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    I am using HLS with m3u8 link from Wowza. On some devices (both iOS and Android with different OS version), the function getDuration() does not work. I am not sure where the problem is, could you help?


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