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Thread: Live streaming and SAP/SDP announcements

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    Default Live streaming and SAP/SDP announcements


    Forgive me if this has been covered before but I can't get it to work.

    I have a live H264 RTP stream of audio and video that I am generating from my application. Together with this stream I am also making SAP/SDP announcements on

    I have managed to set up a live stream in Wowza to play out my RTP stream. But in order to do this I had to save the SDP information into a file in [install-dir]/content/myStream.sdp. Then I had to go to the stream manager and click on [start receiving stream] in order to get Wowza to read the myStream.sdp file and start the stream. Once I'd done this the streaming from Wowza is working fine.

    So next, I want to be able to get Wowza to receive the SAP announcements I'm making and start the live streaming automatically so I don't have to do it manually, or create a myStream.sdp file with my SDP information.

    I've tried various variations like putting the multicast address into the myStream file but I cannot get it to work.

    Any suggestions? Is this possible?



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    Take a look at this thread where it explains how to add a server listener that will monitor an application's content folder for added and deleted .sdp files and then start a newly detected stream using the stream manager.

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    Did you solve the case? What did you had to do, i'm also in the same SAP situation...and the internet doesn't help me )

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