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Thread: serious problems with the licenses, urgent need to leave today

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    Default serious problems with the licenses, urgent need to leave today

    good day ... I have serious problems with the licenses of Wowza ...

    I get confused with paypal, and I need a license to today, I have an event and occupy a license, I record from several emails:

    and I believe and pay up to 2 times, but I do not get the new license, in take long to answer, I can help .... algien regards

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    Just to follow-up here on the forums.

    I checked our email system and I see that a member of our staff replied to your request very shortly after you sent in your email. If you didn't receive that email reply, please check that your spam filter is permitting our ticket system emails to reach you. We have some customers who must explicitly add "" to their filter's domain whitelist to receive our replies.

    In summary, there's no need for you to create a new account as your original account was still active and your license key is still valid.


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