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Thread: Transrated ratios wrong

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    Default Transrated ratios wrong

    I've noticed that our transrated streams are appearing with the wrong aspect ratio when playing them in jwplayer (with the stretch mode set to none).

    The transrating settings say:
                                                    <!-- letterbox, fit-width, fit-height, crop, stretch, match-source -->
                                                    <!-- <Crop>0,0,0,0</Crop> -->
                                                    <!-- <SourceRectangle>0,0,320,240</SourceRectangle> -->
    The source stream is fine - just the transrated ones are all showing in 4:3. I'm on Wowza 3.0.3, but I haven't read anything about a fix for this...
    Apart from forcing the stretching mode in jwplayer, does anyone know how I can fix this on the Wowza side?

    - David

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    Try FitMode: match-source

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    Thanks Randall. I'll give that a try.
    Is there documentation on the available options? I've had trouble finding anything detailed that covers all the various config options... The Transcoder AddOn Users Guide doesn't mention much.

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    The Transcoder Tutorial has a description of all the available properties.


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