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Thread: Play recorded trancoded files as VOD

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    Default Play recorded trancoded files as VOD

    Hello Again,

    I am now trying to use the pre-recorded transcoded files from the transrate.xml that i have created to play back as VOD.
    I am able to play back the original recorded file as is (in my case it is test.mp4) but as soon as i try to play back the recorded
    transcoded files (ie. test_360p.mp4, test_240p.mp4) I get nothing.

    There is a lot of documentation about using an after market encoder to create the multiple files, but i was hoping that
    after going to all the trouble of recording all the transcoded files i could use them as the VOD files.

    Should this be working?

    Thanks again to Wowza Support Team (Richard, Charlie) for being so attentive and fast with your responses.

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    So, I seemed to have sorted all the issues i was having.

    Thanks again Wowza team.

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