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Thread: Chat for IOS with HTML5

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    Question Chat for IOS with HTML5

    Hello, I want to build a video chat application. Wowza 3 have an example developed in Flash with RTMP protoclol, but I want to make a similar example with HLS Cupertino Streaming architecture (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). Can i do this by html5? There are any Wowza API that can be consumed by javascript?

    Thank you very much for your help

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    Hi Felipe,

    First, welcome to the Wowza forums. Regarding your question, it seems you would like to develop a chat application for iOS.

    There is not a way to do client-server communication using Cupertino streaming that I know of. So there is nothing built into Wowza to use this method.

    Therefore any chat application that you developed utilizing Cupertino streaming would do the chat portion independent of Wowza, while Wowza would handle the video/audio side. Wowza does have HTTP Providers with which you can do client-server communication. Or you can use anything that Java can do. I see Safari supports HTML5 Web Sockets. Maybe that could be used.

    So, I'm seeing two ways. Write your chat client in JavaScript, or write an iOS app that communicates with your chat server somehow. This could be integrated with a Wowza module, or not.

    Hope this helps.

    (I don't do iOS programming, so forgive me if I've missed something obvious.)

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    We currently have a Wowza deployment for live video chat on standard internet browsers (non-mobile, stationary). Now, we are looking to expand to provide live video chat to mobile, too. We need to have the capability of having users with a mobile device to video chat with users on stationary devices or both mobile or both stationary. The video chat would need to integrate with an iOS application already deployed but currently without video functionality.

    The current solution records all video at the server-side for storage and retrieval. The new version must also record at the server-side.

    Additionally, we would like to employ VoIP into the new solution.

    Any suggestions?

    What additional hardware/server components would be required? Is there existing Wowza or 3rd party/partner development or add-ons that we would or should employ? Any suggested reading?

    I'm not a developer. I'm a designer. A developer will program the functionality. Until then, I need to gather info and determine feasibility. Any and all info is appreciated.


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    Some clarification here please... when we say "video chat", are we talking multiway video, or one way video with text chat? If the former, it's not feasible in the browser on iOS, but is possible with native applications. If the later, it is possible with wowza and HTTProviders to have iOS clients access the same text chat as RTMP clients, using javascript and long polling as Randall suggested.

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