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Thread: Add "pause" text to rtmp streaming.

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    Question Add "pause" text to rtmp streaming.

    I'd like to combine some text into a video stream. Pretty simple concept, when a publisher pauses his video I'd like to display the text "Paused" in the stream so the subscriber sees the text.

    I've tweeked the Flash videochat example that comes with Wowza - it's a great starting point. Pausing the camera is easy in Flash ActionScript; just attach a null camera to the publishing netstream. ie: nsPublish.attachCamera(null);

    On the player side (I'm using JWPlayer), the play pauses. Cool. However, adding a text overlay of "Paused" would be even better - and a great clue to the subscriber that the publisher did the pausing.

    I cannot find for the life of me an example how to do this. I see the Flash netstream object has a method send() to send along metadata, but not sure how to get this to display on the player.

    Appreciating all help...

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    Yes this can be done, it will require quite some work on your part but you can start by looking at the onMetaData in the client side (JWPlayer) and make JWPlayer look for this data.
    I don't think an example is present for me to point you at unfortunately.


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    A Flash RTMP client should receive "NetStream.Play.UnpublishNotify" notification in the NetStream's NetStatusEvent handler when a live RTMP stream is unpublished. It is something different for RTMP clients streaming from an edge or MediaCaster source, but you should get usable notification there as well. I don't know how to display custom messages in JW Player, but there is an extensive API and I would think it can be done.


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