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Thread: Origin-Egde nDVR MediaCache

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    Default Origin-Egde nDVR MediaCache

    Hello Team,

    I configured Origin-Egde Wowza cluster with nDVR addon. With article below you recommended to use MediaCache addon
    I configured it but it doesnt work for me. Please see log string below:

    2012-04-30 03:52:53 EDT comment server WARN 200 - MediaCache.createNewCachItem: Cannot find MediaCacheSource for dvrorigin/<ip>:1935/test/test3.0/ChunkTypes(8)/ChunkIndexes(3027).dvr). - - - 797.715 -

    Please help me resolve it.

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    MediaCache is for use with video on demand, not live. You'll want to set up a separate application with StreamType set to: file for use with MediaCache.

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    Correction: With Wowza nDVR, you can configure media cache on your edge servers with a live stream StreamType. You'll want to install media cache on your edge server and so your StreamType will be liverepeater-edge. I was able to reproduce your problem that generated the message
    WARN	server	comment	MediaCache.createNewCachItem: Cannot find MediaCacheSource for (dvrorigin/[wowza-ip-address]:1935/dvrorigin/[stream-name].0/ChunkTypes(9)/ChunkIndexes(65).dvr).
    This is caused by an error in the media cache configuration. If you post your [install-dir]/conf/MediaCache.xml file and the exact URL you used and in which player, we can analyze further. Or, you can send a zip of [isntall-dir]/conf and logs directories to


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