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Thread: Stream vs. IMediaStream

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    Default Stream vs. IMediaStream

    I'm getting a bit confused working with both IMediaStream and Stream classes.
    In some parts of my application I'm forced to use Stream and in other parts the use of IMediaStream is a neccessity.
    And problems come when I need some functionality that is available in Stream and not in IMediaStream or vice versa.
    For instance I need to add IStreamActionNotify listener because it supports onPlaylistItemStart/Stop. But I can't do that because I have IMediaStream in that point.

    Could someone elaborate a little about:
    1. why actually there are two ways to do things with streams in Wowza (Stream and IMediaStream) instead of one?
    2. is there any common practice in which I should choose whether I should utilize Stream and IMediaStream?

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    A Stream class stream is a server-side or client-less stream. It is not published by an encoder, but a Stream class stream is a IMediaStream. However a IMediaStream is not necessarily a Stream class stream.


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