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Thread: Load balancing Q: strategy and multiple instances on a host

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    Question Load balancing Q: strategy and multiple instances on a host

    Hello Wowza team, you are doing great job, thanks.

    There are couple of questions though.

    a) We tested Wowza clustering support. We configured 3 hosts with one Wowza on each.
    Every Wowza Server plays two roles at the same time - it is a working server and also a load balancer.

    During our tests we found out that one of our 3 Wowza instances gets more load then others.
    Can you please give us some idea why is it happening?

    More generally: what the load balancing strategy is used in Wowza server?
    (Can we configure it?)

    b) Another question: when client asks Wowza load balancer for the server to work with,
    load balancer returns an IP-address. But what if we want to install several Wowza servers on the same host
    and want to include them into our cluster, how can we do this?
    (Can we configure load balancer to return pair of host + port?)

    Thanks for you support.

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    The Load Balancer Listener keeps track of the number of connections of each Load Balancer Sender/Edge that is communicating with it. The LB Listener always redirects to the least loaded server.

    The load balancer is very simple, the configuration options that are described in the readme.html are all there are. It is extensible, enough source code is included.


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