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Thread: Flash HTTP streaming (Sanjose) Not working with 3.1.1

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    Default Flash HTTP streaming (Sanjose) Not working with 3.1.1


    I just updated to the latest version this am and did some testing to make sure everything was working correctly. I've noticed that Flash HTTP streaming (Sanjose) streaming is no longer working on our live streams. I haven't adjusted anything with the my applications other than the update to 3.1.1. HLS and RTMP is working fine. Does anyone know if any of the settings changed that I need to adjust with the update to make Sanjose work again. I'm trying to play a multi bit rate stream that will play with HLS just fine. Thanks in advance for any help. I have a live event happening on Friday night so I need to figure this out asap.


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    Sorry never mind I sorted it out. Had encoder set for port 80 and didn't have Wowza set for port 80 in the host file...

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    Cool, I setup a quick test this moring and it looked like it worked as well. Happy to hear you sorted it out.


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