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    Hi all...i just started to work with wowza and it looks very interesting to me. I trying to build an android app that will have a video stream from wowza and a chat solution... I know how to do this in a flash, but is there a way to do this through java??? Android uses java and my question is how can we call methods on server and how can we open connection from java??? Is this posible? I'm not sure if I wrote this very well, but if something is not clear just ask... hanks in advance... ))

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    I'm not sure if it is possible to do chat on Android unless it is an one that runs Flash, then you should be able to use your Flash application. However non-RTSP streaming to Android devices has been sketchy. We recommend RTSP streaming to Android which will not support chat.


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    Thanks Richard for your replay...I played video on android, but chat is very important to me and because of this i asked this question...
    One more question: when you sad that you are not sure that is this posible, do you thought and for a connection to the server throught java??? Or this is posible???

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    It is possible.
    You need Java RTMP Client API. Just google "java rtmp"

    Regards, Andrei.

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    Thanks andrei!!! I will look into it...

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