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Thread: Live Stream doesn't exist?

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    Default Live Stream doesn't exist?

    My live stream is being sent to somewhere wrong, or maybe the player is not pointing to the right place? Wondering if I can get some thoughts on this. The player never finds the live stream...

    I followed this tutorial to configure the server settings for the live stream.. ( as well as this one (

    My Wirecast settings are as follows:
    Encoder Preset: Flash Low Bandwidth using h.264 and aac encoding
    Desitination: RTMP Flash Server
    Address: rtmp://
    Stream: myStream
    User Agent: Wirecast FM 1.0

    With these settings it successfully connects to my server and everything looks good, as if it's broadcasting to that address.

    None of my players are ever able to find the stream though.
    My last attempt player code was:

    <video class="sublime" width="480" height="270" data-uid="91bbd860" preload="none">
      <source src="" />
      <source src="" />
    It's using Sublime Player. The player doesn't actually show up in browser (Chrome) but I think there are two different java languages in there arguing a little. My iphone sees the player, but when touch play, it loads the player up to full screen but can never find the live stream that's running.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    Start Wowza from the command line so you can check the log output in real time. This may provide some clue.

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