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Thread: Audio-only transcoder capacity/scaling

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    Default Audio-only transcoder capacity/scaling

    What is the performance like for audio-only streams?

    I would be transcoding MP3 to AAC audio. I typically have many streams each with a relatively small number of listeners. A single edge server can handle hundreds of streams.

    I also have some audio-only Wowza origin servers. I imagine in this case, transcoding would take place on these servers?

    But, in the case of re-streaming Shoutcast streams does the transcoding typically happen on the edge server?

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    Are you talking about live audio only streams?
    Are you planning on transcoding over 100 streams at once?


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    Yes, live audio-only.

    I have no idea how technically feasible this is but yes, in the region of hundreds of relatively low bitrate, audio-only streams simultaneously.

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    Transcoding on an origin seems to make the most sense. If two edges are serving the same stream, transcoding on the origin means you only transcode once, instead of on each edge.

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    Some of the streams are Icecast streams but it may make sense to route them through a transcoding "origin" first, to avoid transcoding multiple times

    The question I'm looking for guidance on is how much CPU power this is likely to take.

    For example, is transcoding 200x 96kbps audio-only streams on a single box feasible. And if so how large.

    I am only looking for a rough idea. I know that hard answers cannot be given.

    Thank you

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    We don't have test results for low bitrate audio only, this is the benchmark testing results, all with much higher bitrate source:

    I don't know if you can do any kind of straight-line extrapolation though, there might be other factors when you start getting past 100 source streams, which is typically a ceiling for live streams.


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