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Thread: Streaming with Stream Alias

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    Default Streaming with Stream Alias

    I want to hide publish url to avoid publish my content without authentication..For that i want to display duplicate url in playing side by using alias..
    Others shouldn't find my url and stream name..What to do for this?


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    As reported here, the StreamNameAlias will not hide the stream name.

    You may be able to use one of these two methods:
    1. Create a second live application and start the first stream using MediaCaster. i.e. create a live application called "live2", and a file containing "rtsp://localhost:1935/live/myStream", then start it in StreamManager. Then play "" in the LiveVideoStreaming example.
    2. Use the StreamClass to create a new stream name, referencing the first stream.

    I do not know if it will hide the original stream name from packet sniffing. My hunch is that method 1 might not, but method 2 probably will. You would have to test.

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