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Thread: Saving transcoded video to disk?

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    Default Saving transcoded video to disk?

    Can I transcode a video to disk and serve it later?

    My application is a little like youtube: user uploads a video, and I want to transcode it so others can watch it later from their browser or mobile device. I don't know if it makes sense to transcode it on the fly because each video may be viewed multiple times: why repeat that work?


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    I believe setting your StreamType to "live-record" in the application you are transcoding will save the different transcoded streams.

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    Ahh sorry, let me clarify. If the user is streaming a live video from flash or another Wowza compatible encoder, you can transcode with Wowza, and hence save the transcoded streams. If the user uploads a file, you would want to transcode with a 3rd party program, as there is not an easy built-in way to transcode a VOD file with Wowza.

    The Wowza Transcoder is designed to transcode live streams (which are in a Wowza compatible format) on the fly. But it doesn't seem that's what you want to do.

    The main problem is going to be ensuring that the uploaded VOD files are in a format compatible with your transcoder. It would take quite a bit of custom coding to automate the process, no matter what program you are using to transcode.

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