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Thread: Streaming from a AVR telephone application

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    We have a phone based application (PRI, not SIP), which records lectures over the phone. We are looking for a way to live stream the lecture being recorded through our Wowza server. We can catch the recorded sound as a PCM 8000 Hz stream, and encode it as mp3. How can we send it to the Wowza server for distribution?


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    Maybe by involving, or like a shoutcast server


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    Also, you could specify if you're trying to do it live or after the .mp3 files are recorded. Also, your method for recording the mp3s could influence any suggestions offered to you. For example, if you're using FFmpeg, you can stream directly to Wowza.

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    Thanks for the replies.
    Richard, since i have many lectures a day, which have no fix schedule, I can't create a source file for each, nor can I manually start them. It must be initiated from the recording application.
    Randall, I currently use Lame (actually lame_enc.dll). Is ffmpeg able to encode at real-time i.e. a wav file being written into by the recording application?

    Thanks, Eyal.

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