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Thread: Beginner's Guide? - Basic streaming config help

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    Default Beginner's Guide? - Basic streaming config help

    I apologize for asking what's probably a pretty basic question. I've worked through a couple of the tutorials and I've made it part way to my goal. However, I've getting hung up some of the jargon and/or architecture understanding. I've just begun to explore the wonders of video stream so I ask for your patience.

    My end goal is to have the ability to do a high quality point-to-point stream. But for now, I'm just trying to get a basic stream setup. Like I said, I've worked through the tutorials the best I could. I'm using Adobe Flash Live Encoder 3.2. It's pulling in a live feed via a BlackMagic card. I have Wowza server running (via "Wowza Startup" in the start menu). FMLE seems to be communicating well with Wowza. I can run the test app LiveVideoStreaming and it's showing the video correctly. So I've made it that far. This is all on a single Windows 7 machine, BTW.

    What I'm trying to do now is connect to that stream from another computer on the local network (a Mac). I have been unable to get that to work. I also cannot get the stream to work on an iOS device also connected to the local network.

    Flash player cannot see the stream.
    Safari gives an error (when connecting to rtmp://"):
    "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below."
    <manifest><id>myStream</id><mimeType>video/mp4</mimeType><streamType>live</streamType><deliveryType>streaming</deliveryType><media bitrate="2527" url="media_b2587859_w788523277.abst/"><metadata>AgAKb25NZXRhRGF0YQMABmF1dGhvcgIAAAAJY29weXJpZ2h0AgAAAAtkZXNjcmlwdGlvbgIAAAAIa2V5d29yZHMC AAAABnJhdGluZwIAAAAFdGl0bGUCAAAACnByZXNldG5hbWUCAAZDdXN0b20ADGNyZWF0aW9uZGF0ZQIAGVR1ZSBNYXkgMDggMjI6 MTM6MzMgMjAxMgoAC3ZpZGVvZGV2aWNlAgAWRGVja2xpbmsgVmlkZW8gQ2FwdHVyZQAJZnJhbWVyYXRlAEA9+FHrhR64AAV3aWR0 aABAngAAAAAAAAAGaGVpZ2h0AECQ4AAAAAAAAAx2aWRlb2NvZGVjaWQCAARWUDYyAA12aWRlb2RhdGFyYXRlAECjiAAAAAAAABd2 aWRlb2tleWZyYW1lX2ZyZXF1ZW5jeQBAFAAAAAAAAAALYXVkaW9kZXZpY2UCABZEZWNrbGluayBBdWRpbyBDYXB0dXJlAA9hdWRp b3NhbXBsZXJhdGUAQOWIgAAAAAAADWF1ZGlvY2hhbm5lbHMAQAAAAAAAAAAAEGF1ZGlvaW5wdXR2b2x1bWUAQFLAAAAAAAAADGF1 ZGlvY29kZWNpZAIABC5tcDMADWF1ZGlvZGF0YXJhdGUAQGAAAAAAAAAAAAk=
    </media><bootstrapInfo profile="named"

    So I think I'm close to getting past this part of the test.

    Next I will be asking for advice on what to do next to setup the best point to point stream possible. Is there a particular forum for basic questions like this? I didn't see a dunce corner anywhere. :-)

    Thanks for your help.

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    A little more information:
    Video input to FMLE:
    Source: Decklink Video Capture
    Video Format on capture to match source is : HD 1080i 59.94 - 8bit 4:2:2 YUV

    Encoding options:
    Format:H.264 - Level 4.0 (tried to go to 3 but it throws an error that 4.0 is level that supports these settings.) KeyFrame Frequency = 4 seconds
    Frame Rate = 29.97, Input size = 1920x1080

    Bitrate = 2500, Output Size = 1920x1080

    On the audio side, it is set to MP3 44100 and 128 kbps.

    Thanks again for your help.

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    Start with a Flash player and RTMP playback. Use Wowza example:

    [wowza-install-dir]/examples/LiveVideoStreaming/client/live.html to test:

    Server: rtmp://
    Stream: myStream

    For a production ready Flash player, take a look at JW Player:

    If you want to Flash HTTP (sanjosestreaming), which is what the manifest.f4m URL you showed is used for, you can use the Wowza example


    Stream: rtmp://

    Or you can use Flash Media Playback player:


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