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Thread: passthrough video frozen and/or corrupt when saved

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    Default passthrough video frozen and/or corrupt when saved

    We stream two live ~90-minute videos each week. Had the same two problems each week, which I'm guessing are related:

    - During the first video, the "passthrough" encode *being written to disk* freezes the video on a frame ~15 minutes in. Actually watching live is fine. It's just the live-record saved file that is frozen. In that file, the audio continues without a problem, and the down-converted encodes (we have 3) all save fine.

    - During the second video, again watching live is no problem. However, the live-record saved-to-disk MP4s are all corrupt: neither the passthrough nor any of the down-converted files are playable.

    Wowza 3.1.1, Java SE SDK 7u4. I've performance-tuned the server following these instructions, and both videos have identical specs. We're writing to an Amazon EBS RAID, so I don't think it's a disk io issue.

    Any ideas what direction to start digging?

    EDIT: The only logged error is the warning: "JNI:VideoEncoderH264::setDefaults: CPUID vendor:GenuineIntel isMMX:1 isSSE:1 isSSE2:1 isSSE3:1 cpu_opt:6"
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    Please send zipped [install-dir]/conf [install-dir]logs and [install-dir]/transcoder folders to
    so we can take a closer look. Be sure that the logs also contain a recent wowza restart.
    Also send details about the encoder(s) used and encoding settings for the streams.
    Be sure to reference this thread.


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    Sending zipped files now. If anyone else is having similar issues, I tried using the LiveStreamRecord this week instead of live-record, but still had the same problem.

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