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Thread: Playing VOD MP3 in RTSP protocol

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    Default Playing VOD MP3 in RTSP protocol


    I'm confused about streaming mp3 files on vod using rtsp.

    It works with this format: http://wowza-server:80/vod/mp3:file.mp3/playlist.m3u8

    But it doesn't on this format: rtsp://wowza-server:1935/vod/mp3:file.mp3

    I have tested both the url in VLC and iPhone, the rtsp doesn't work on both test.

    I really need help about this.


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    If the file is good, it should work in VLC. What does VLC report about the codec in Tools > Codec Info?

    Some device, like most Android devices, do not support mp3 audio. It has to be AAC audio in a mp4 container


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