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Thread: Running Wowza 3.0.5 on JDK6 version

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    Default Running Wowza 3.0.5 on JDK6 version

    Hi Team,

    We cannot upgrade JDK/JRE on one our server from 6 to 7, I did installed Wowza on it and it appears to be running fine.

    My Question is...
    Is there any known issue with Wowza when running on jdk-6u25-windows-x64?
    Are there any downsides of JDK6 in general?

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    Yes, Wowza runs fine in all versions of Java,
    If a bug is found in Java itself though, this effects Wowza (as Wowza runs inside Java) but this is not Wowza's fault.

    Check the release notes for Java before downloading it for any known memory leaks.


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    "Are there any downsides of JDK6 in general?"

    There's a bunch of recent security fixes that you won't have if you don't keep your software updated.

    There are few good reasons for running unpatched client/server software such as Java.

    dirtystar, FYI, it is possible to install a newer version of Java that can run along side your older version. And you can configure Wowza to run from the newer version.

    Also note, it would be good for you to upgrade to the latest Wowza. You can see the release notes here.

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