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Thread: Green Screen Issue with HLS

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    Default Green Screen Issue with HLS


    I read a few posts from a couple of years ago most of which were resolved with a combination of a patch or changing netStream.receiveVideo parameters. We are using Wowza v3.1.0 and outputting in rtmp and HLS formats. The RTMP streams stay constant but every so often the HLS streams go green. Any idea as to what causes this issue?

    many thanks,

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    When the screen goes green do you still have audio?
    Does it ever come back on its own?

    Are you streaming video on demand or live?
    If live are you using a transcoder?

    What are the streams bitrates, framerates, Keyframe intervals, codec etc..

    Most of the time the green screen come from the encoding profile being too high for the device to decode.


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    Hi Jason,


    No Audio when it happens
    Does not come back on it's own - restarting wowza fixes it

    I do not know keyframe interval but the codec is H264 MPREG-4 AVC (part10) / MPRG AAC Audio (mp4a). 800kbps Video 64kbps Audio. Frame rate is 50

    The streams play fine through HLS most of the time but when this happens only a wowza restart fixes it. We are pulling rtmp streams from the company doing the ingest and then putting them out in HLS and RTMP. The RTMP is fine even if the HLS suffers the green screen.

    If you email me on my registered email address - i can reply and send you an address of a stream that is doing it currently.

    Many thanks,

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