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    Default Multiple Live Applications

    Is this possible? Is this what vhost is for? I ask because with my current line of thought, I'm afraid my smil file will get too large as some of the playlists can have over 100 entries in it. Multiple 100 entry playlists are going to make that smil file quite large.

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    What are you trying to do?

    If you want more than one live application you simply create another application called live2 (or what ever you want) copy the Application.xml from [Wowza-install]/conf/ to the newly created application live2 and edit this Application.xml file found here,
    to be live.

    Add as many encoders as you want to each application.


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    But in the server.xml file I can only have one application listed under properties, correct?
    I don't know how many streams an application can have, nor do I know how big a .smil file can be.
    If I have thousands of videos I am streaming as live, with possibly 50 or so streams, I'm afraid having that large number of streams and a huge .smil file will cause it to crash or become unresponsive.
    i should note that all of our videos are already encoded at the bitrate we want. WOWZA is just there to act like a TV station.
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    Spreading it across applications won't extend the limits of your server and network. You might want to load test the server. You can write to to request the Wowza Load Test Tool.

    Source code is included in the Scheduler. You can easily create several ServerListeners with different names that each look for a different schedule file and stream in different applications.


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