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Thread: Streammanager lists all the applications

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    Default Streammanager lists all the applications

    When I logged into http://ip:8086/streammanager with the user/pass in admin.password file I get a list of application instance. That way if one of the user knows about this access can manipulate others' applications with his/her user/pass. How can this be prevented? Can there be application wise user/password instead of general admin.paasword file?

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    So, it seems that you want to give the ability to start/stop streams in the StreamManager to certain users based on password.

    Probably you can do this by creating a separate Wowza Virtual Host for each user, and changing the location of the password file for "admin-digest" in Authentication.xml. See the User Guide for info on creating VHosts.

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    You could provide separate access to each user, but StreamManager will show all applications in a VHost.xml. Take a look at these examples:


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