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Thread: Wowza hangs on network unreachable

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    Default Wowza hangs on network unreachable

    Hello all,

    we have a strange problem here.
    We are restreaming 7 IP Camera Streams, three of them are rtmp streams and 4 are rtsp streams. mostly everything runs fine. but if two or more cameras are not reachable the wowza hangs and has to be restarted.

    What could be the problem?
    can we set the reconnect interval?

    i try to set a looping video as long as the ip camera is not reachable, but the solution i have, i have to restart the server to play the looping video. do u have a solution to play the video without restart the server.

    Thanks and regards

    wowza version 3.0
    os: debian squeeze
    ram: 4gb
    cpu: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E31220 @ 3.10GHz

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    Could you explain what you mean by this: "i try to set a looping video as long as the ip camera is not reachable,"?

    Are you sending a different video stream to Wowza somehow?

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    i wants that the server as long as the ip camera is reachable the stream of cam will restreamed, but if the ip camera not reachable it is jumps to a video that is playing in a loop as long as the ip camera is not reachable. and if the camera is reachable again it will restream the ip cam stream.

    and to the hang problem, i have the feeling the wowza hangs if it has to write many log entries. we currently have the problem that a cam stream produce time code errors, and the wowza writes often to the logs and after a while the wowza hangs, if i disable the stream everything is fine.

    sorry for the bad english. :-)

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    It can probably be done, but we don't have a simple example. You will have to detect problems in the camera stream, and you might switch sources on a Stream class stream.

    Switching on Stream class str

    Abrupt audio or video codec changes might not work in some players, so try to make everything as close as possible.

    Detecting example



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    To address the timecode errors see the Live Stream Troubleshooting Tutorial.

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    thanks for the hint, i have to implement our own algorithm, because we are not always use a flashplayer to play the streams. the streamswitching has to work automatically.

    regards mikrobi

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