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Thread: Can I do the following with Wowza?

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    Default Can I do the following with Wowza?

    -originally posted this in encoder forum, but now believe it is more suited for General category-

    Looking to do the following - possible, and if so, what would be required?

    We currently are using Livestream for video simulcast of a radio show. We're doing quite a few streams and bandwidth, so for the sake of economics we're looking at the possibility of setting up our own Wowza implementation (preferably on a large EC2 instance)

    Here's what we want to do:

    1) Live stream from FMLE or another encoder (suggestions?). We have dedicated machine with HD-SDI/Decklink to encode from our video switcher. We want to be able to stream to mobile (iOS, etc.) with same player. I *think* we can accomplish this with JW player, as long as we're encoding correctly (AAC, etc.)...correct?

    2) We'd like to record the stream everyday (4.5 hours total) to the server. Is there an elegant way to do this? It's super-simple with Livestream or simply hit a button on the encoder if you want to independently control server recording of live stream. What would we have to do to implement for Wowza?

    3) Would it be possible to mimic Livestream's auto-pilot feature (uStream also has the same). Essentially this is so when you're not streaming live, a recording of your choice plays instead. The file plays on a loop (there's no transport controls like rewind or fast forward, etc.)'s completely linear, so wherever the playback is when a user hits the player is where they would start watching it. I'd like this to be in the same player as when we're streaming live. So when we're onfrom 6-10 AM it's playing the live stream, when off it's playing the auto-pilot file (which would be the recording of that day's show).

    So...can Wowza do all this out of the box? With plugins and/or customization?

    Thanks for the help!

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    1) Follow this tutorial:

    2) Either use StreamType "live-record" to record all live streams that are published to an application; or use StreamType "live" and setup the LiveStreamRecord addon (or your module using the API) to record on demand.

    Here is a version that records hour long segments, and that might be adapted to a scheduled recording:

    3) There is not a built-in way to do this in Wowza. With a Flash RTMP client, if you are the developer and have full control of Wowza and the cllent, it is not that hard, but there you have to work with client-side notifications. Take a look at the Wowza LiveVideooStreaming example, at this part:

    nsPlayClientObj.onPlayStatus = function(infoObject:Object):void
    				for (var prop:String in infoObject)
    You can listen for "NetStream.Play.Complete" notification in this handler to meet your requirement.


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