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Thread: Teradek, Wowza and port 1935

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    Default Teradek, Wowza and port 1935

    Hi all -

    Looking into upgrading to Teradek Bond. Their software currently runs on port 1935.

    At the end of the month they are releasing a new binary that runs on another port.

    Problem solved, right? Not quite.

    Its for CentOS 6, and I am running 5.8, so I would have to run a different binary, since moving to another server is not in the cards right now.

    So my question becomes can I run Wowza on another port? I have 3.0.3 installed.

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    Yes you can run Wowza on another port, configure the port you want Wowza to run on in the VHost.xml file

    At the top of the VHost.xml you will see,
    If you want more than just port 1935 add a "," and then another port.

    Example :

    You can have as many ports as you want but realistically you wouldn't have more than 4, you can also remove port 1935 if you wanted but again that's personal preference.
    This can also be done on all versions of Wowza regardless of how old or new the version is.


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