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Thread: ReceiveBufferSize and SendBufferSize in VHost.xml

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    Default ReceiveBufferSize and SendBufferSize in VHost.xml

    We deploy tow applications in Wowza. One is VOD and another is video conference system.

    We can't descide which setting we should use in VHost. Can we overwite ReceiveBufferSize and SendBufferSize parameter setting in application.xml?
    <!-- suggested settings for video on demand applications -->

    <!-- suggested settings for low latency applications -->

    <SendBufferSize>16000</SendBufferSize> -->

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    You can create a separate Wowza vhost with it's own VHost.xml file. See the User Guide section "Virtual Hosting".

    Use one virtual host for VOD and the other for low-latency.

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    Yes. I have tried. It works if we use two virtual host.

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